2012 is a defining election year for Kenya. It is defining because this is the first election year that the country is approaching with well defined electoral related conflict prevention strategies. We had election driven violence in the election years of 1992, 1997, 2007. Reports were written documenting the causes of this violence. One major step to avert electoral related violence was the creation of NCIC. NCIC has already taken note of these reports and in addition commissioned its own studies to establish electoral hotspots. We remain aware of the fact that every conflict in 2012 will have political and ethnic implications and can therefore not be treated as normal criminal activity.

In line with the aforesaid the conflicts in Northern Kenya must be treated as electoral related and not be dismissed as conflict over water, pasture and cattle rustling. In fact NCIC has been to Isiolo and Moyale and has established that the ongoing violent conflicts are politically motivated in anticipation of the 2012 elections.

We note that before the electoral campaigns began members of Borana and Gabra communities had co-existed harmoniously since the signing of Maikona/Walda Declarations in 2008.

NCIC will continue to document and work closely with law enforcement agencies, faith based organisations, civil society and the private sector to promote and facilitate harmonious and peaceful coexistence.

It is important that security agencies must link consistent early warning to early response equally distribute resources to quell tensions in all hot spot areas as identified in numerous reports.

To this effect:

  1. We urge the people of Moyale to give dialogue a chance and immediately cease hostilities. We have initiated dialogues in previous meetings in Moyale which culminated in the signing of a resolution by Gabra and Borana opinion leaders.
  2. We further call upon the Ministry of State for Special Programs to spearhead and provide humanitarian support to the affected communities.
  3. We appeal to the political and local leadership, particularly the Members of Parliament to refrain from any acts that will exacerbate the already volatile situation and call upon their respective communities to cease hostilities and embrace harmonious and peaceful co-existence.
  4. This press statement is signed and issued on 8th January, 2012 Nairobi, Kenya by:


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