Stop Politicising Public Employment ~ NCIC urges

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission’s Chairperson has urged politicians to keep away from recruitment processes in parastatals and counties, to allow for fair ethnic representation.

“Revelations across state corporations suggest that employment is highly influenced by politics; as such, politicians must cease from interfering with recruitment processes in public institutions,” said Hon. Kaparo. He was speaking on 03/Oct/2016 at the NCIC offices during the official launch of the ethnic and diversity audit reports conducted in all the Counties, Commissions and Parastatals.

The county audit revealed mass contravention of the law in new appointments with only 15 counties adhering to section 65 of the CGA by giving more than 30% of the vacancies at entry level to members of ethnic groups that are not dominant in their precincts. In fact 68.1% of the counties had hired more than 70 % of their staff from one ethnic group.

Mr. Kaparo recommended that the Inter-Governmental Relations Agency should initiate an inter-county staffs transfer system to allow for diversity in the work force. Further, he noted that each public establishment should develop own inclusive employment policy following the model laid by the Public Service Commission’s Diversity Policy 2016 to ensure representation of the face of Kenya in its recruitment, promotion and training.




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