The NCIC Meets Women Leaders From Central Kenya

February 19, 2016, the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) meets women leaders drawn from Murang’a, Kiambu and Nyeri counties. The event held in Nyeri town, aimed at sensitizing the women on the need for peace-building, inclusion and tolerance. Speaking at the forum, the NCIC’s Vice Chairperson, Commissioner Irene Wanyoike urged the women to embrace people from other communities and learn positive things from them. “You have to learn from the women in Kisumu, Mombasa and all other regions, as they learn from you so as to promote cohesion,” she said. “You have a role to play and you must inspire your families to promote peace.” She added.    

Participants during the meeting with women leaders in Nyeri town

Women leaders follows the proceedings at the workshop in Nyeri

Also attending the workshop was Commissioner Belinda Ochiel who encouraged the women to be at the forefront in solving societal conflicts through mediation. “The women should take up mediation roles and not leave it for men as it is now. We can be good mediators to avert conflict and violence in the society. I know we can do it, let’s rise up and take our leadership positions,” said Commissioner Belinda as she urged the women leaders to partner with the NCIC in its peace-building efforts.

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