Press Statement

Call for Peace and Calm Following the ICC Verdict

(Nairobi 23rd January 2012)

The International Criminal Court (ICC) Pre Trial Chamber Number One today confirmed charges against Hon William Ruto and Mr. Joshua Sang’ in case number one and charges against Hon Uhuru Kenyatta and Ambassador Francis Muthaura in case number two. In the same verdict they declined to confirm charges against Hon Henry Kosgey and Major General Hussein Ali.

In view of the verdict, the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) urges Kenyans to remain calm and united. The decision of the ICC has enormous political consequences for both the forthcoming general elections and the country’s political and economic stability. The reaction of Kenyans to this decision will determine the future of the country for years to come.

The NCIC reminds Kenyans that the ICC process is a judicial and not a political process. The suspects are facing charges as individuals and not as members of ethnic communities. The suspects are innocent until proven guilty after the full trial. This point was underscored by the lead judge. Ethnic communities and political parties are not on trial at the ICC. The objective of the ICC process with regard to the Kenyan case is to:

  • Hold individuals to account for crimes they may have committed
  • Ensure that the victims receive justice.
  • End the culture of impunity in the country.

Although we are confident that the majority of Kenyans will respect the decision of the court and conduct themselves peacefully, we are also aware that some may use this opportunity to fan ethnic animosity.

The NCIC would like to assure Kenyans that NCIC will continue to monitor the situation and ensure tolerance and peaceful co-existence. We urge all Kenyans of goodwill not to use the decision of the ICC court to settle political scores, incite ethnic animosity and/or propagate violence.

We would like to remind the political class that although the liberty of the suspects is not affected by the confirmation of charges as per Article 66 of the Rome Statute, the conditions contained in the summons remain in place in particular, non engagement in incitement to violence and hate speech.

We take this opportunity acknowledge the efforts made by Kenyans as well as political leaders who have gone out their way to advocate for peace and called upon their communities and supporters and Kenyans in general to remain peaceful.

We must all come together at this time and put Kenya Kwanza.




The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) was established under the National Cohesion and Integration Act No. 12 of 2008 enacted after the 2007 post election crisis and subsequent political negotiations. The Commission’s object and purpose, as provided in Section 25 of the Act is to facilitate and promote equality of opportunity, good relations, harmony and peaceful coexistence between persons of the different ethnic communities of Kenya and advise the Government on all aspects thereof.

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