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The Kenya Police wishes to take this opportunity to inform the public that we are keen to ensure that the rule of law is respected by all. This is particularly so as we approach the electioneering period scheduled for next year.

It is still clear in our minds that inflammatory statements by anyone of us have a single clear outcome; creating an environment of lack of cohesion and integration and resulting in the disruption of economic and social activities to the detriment of all of us.

We believe that it is the desire of every Kenyan at all times to have a sense and feeling that they are members of the same community, facing shared challenges and equal opportunities and that they are assured their security and safety. This we can not achieve when negative ethnicity and feelings of discrimination are the order of the day.

We therefore wish to draw the country's attention to the provisions of the National Cohesion and Integration Act 2008. In this country, lack of respect for the rule of law has been our greatest undoing. We want to categorically state that gone are the days when defiance of the law was regarded as heroic, and so whoever chooses to disregard the law would have themselves to blame. We call for total accountability from all Kenyans and we shall deal with any acts of impunity swiftly and decisively. It is our collective and individual responsibility to decide what is legitimate and exercise the enjoyment of our freedom of expression without infringing on the rights of fellow Kenyans.

We call upon the civil society, the media and the political class to take the lead and provide leadership. As per the constitution, the Police Service will work with all communities and other persons of goodwill to maintain peace and social stability. Our current focus and resolve is to guarantee Kenyans that the unfortunate incidents of 2007-2008 are not repeated next year: even to the slightest degree.

At police headquarters we are constantly monitoring hate speech and other forms of incitement to lawlessness or ethnic hatred. Let me take this opportunity to inform the public that the Commissioner of Police has been very impressed by the reaction of politicians for their blanket condemnation of the recent hooliganism in Kondele Kisumu. So far, the police have made several arrests of individuals who were engaged in these ugly acts of lawlessness and we shall continue with the hunt until all the suspects are brought to book. We are equally warning those who have insisted on living in history that Kenyans want politics of stone throwing and violence to be dead and buried. As-the pglice we are fully conscious that we shall remain legitimate if we enforce the will of the people and ... we intend to remain legitimate: So for those who insist on primitive politicking .. the consequences will be swift and decisive.

Finally, let me remind Kenyans that we all need to be civil. Being civil does not mean looking at the law carefully and doing everything provided we can escape punishment: it means a consciousness that the earth and indeed Kenya is a shared facility and all of us must meet our ambitions in this limited space. Yes- it means that wg~donot have an electric fenced game park where we can take some~usand confine them. You must therefore enjoy your freedom in full consciousnessthat all of us, regardless of our shapes, class, color, race or tribe are meant to be here and must be here with you.

The Commissioner of Police is satisfied with the steps that the National Cohesion and Integration Commission is taking in bringing back sanity to our Kenyan society. We therefore prOmi$. the commission our total and unreserved support for the realization,.reace and stability in our beloved country.

Lastly, we call upon all Kenyans to cherish patriotism, peace and love and a senseof brotherhood at all times.

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