A Call to Peaceful Elections

Remember where we have come from

In a month, Kenya will hold the first General Election under our new constitution that will usher in new governance structures. We are cognizant of our past, and especially the profound effects of the violent aftermath of the 2007 general election, which have led us to where we are today.

The chaos and violence that characterized the recent political party nominations is highly regrettable. It must not recur in the March 4th General Election. We call on the IEBC to strictly enforce the law to sustain the confidence of Kenyans.

We urge our political leaders to desist from inflammatory utterances that could incite fellow citizens to violence during the campaigns. We will hold them responsible for their actions. While individual responsibility is emphasized, we stress that political parties and party leaders must control the conduct of their supporters.

We call on Kenyans to be vigilant in the defense of their democratic rights. Vote consciously to secure the future of our country. While important, opinion polls should not be taken as conclusive indicators of the election results. It is only your vote that counts. Vote!

The youth hold the future of this country. This is the time to make the difference by choosing the right leaders. You must desist from being used as political tools of violence against each other or as agents of hate through social media. We urge you to use this platform to preach peace and influence positive change for Kenya.

Elections are important for our democratic society and the nation is bigger than each of us. There will be Kenya after March 4th 2013. Let peace reign in every heart, in every homestead and every corner of our country.


Dated: 29th January 2013

Note: In July 2012, The National Cohesion and Integrated Commission (NCIC) unveiled Cohesion and Integration Goodwill Ambassadors to complement its role in promoting unity and peaceful coexistence and inspire positive and committed action in their spheres of influence in support of NCIC’s mandate.

The NCIC established under the National Cohesion and Integration Act, 2008 is under Section 25 (j) of the Act mandated to; ‘identify and analyze factors inhibiting the attainment of harmonious relations between ethnic communities, particularly barriers to their participation in social, economic, commercial, financial, cultural and political endeavors. The Goodwill Ambassadors are Kenyans of integrity using their spheres of influence to overcome these barriers.

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