Promoting Peace through sports

Taking part in peace through service and volunteer projects foster a culture of altruism and inclusiveness.

transcending religion, race, and nationality, and tapping into the potential of this rising generation. Such activities may include charity work, handing out donations, town and hospital cleanups.

The following schools engaged in the following; Ngozi Girls Secondary School cleaning Vanga Town, Lulu High School took part in school and market cleanups, Kwale High School conducts monthly school cleanups, replaces damaged dustbins around the compound and tends to flower gardens, Visitation of Heny Children’s Home and cleaning up the facility done by Kwale Boys High School as a way of reaching and giving back to the community, Waa Boys High School visited an elderly home, took part in a Beach cleaning activity and participate in cleaning school laboratories and compound, Kinango Secondary School visited Dorcas Children’s Home; cleaned the facility and donated gifts to the children.