United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

The United States AID (USAID) is partner with the NCIC who have, since its inception, supported its achieving and actualizing its mandate.

“Capacity Building to address Negative Ethnicity”

USAID is supporting a 12 month project entitled “Capacity Building to address Negative Ethnicity”. This project which began in August 2011 is expected to complete by August 2012. In light of the upcoming 2012 National Elections, this project targets building the capacity of the nation’s youth, and more so the NCIC to ensure that all this efforts culminate into enabling all actors deliver a peaceful election.

The components of this project involve:

NCIC Organizational Development

1. Institutional capacity building: The project shall approach this capacity building initiative from a human resource and an institutional perspective. It shall support the training of the Commission staff on matters relating to monitoring and evaluation of projects and various components of its activities. It shall also enable the Commission to develop internal policies that support the achievement of its mandate effectively.

NCIC Promotion Mandate

2. A youth training initiative: This will target the capacity of the youth in peace-building, reconciliation, cohesion and integration especially in reference to cohesion, integration and the new constitutional dispensation. It shall seek to engage peace educators to enable the redress of factors leading to negative ethnicity. This activity will through its implementation collect information that will be used to review the existing peace training manuals in light of cohesion, integration, reconciliation and the new constitutional dispensation. It shall culminate into a National conference for youth where the reviewed peace-building manual will be launched.

3. Production of a reviewed peace training manual: This reviewed training manual will be a culmination of the information collected in the 9 counties to which this project will attend, and the information available on cohesion, integration and the new constitutional dispensation.

“Kenya Kwanza Campaign”

The United States AID is also supporting a campaign “Kenya Kwanza” that is geared towards promoting peace and dialogue as the country heads towards the 2012 national general elections

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