The Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs (MOJNNCA)

The Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs (MOJNNCA) was established in 2003 with an initial mandate to formulate Legal and Administration of Justice policies to foster constitutional governance and effective legal and judicial system in Kenya.

Following the post election crisis witnessed after the 2007 general elections and the formation of the grand coalition Government, the Ministry’s mandate was expanded to include National Cohesion. It is against this background that the Government established the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC), an independent body instituted under this Ministry.

The Ministry oversees the administration of the Commission and ensures financial support for its administrative purposes. It saw the development of the NCI Act of 2008 which is an act of parliament that provides for the establishment, powers, and functions of the Commission and for connected purposes. It has also enabled the development of the institutions operating policies.

Together with the Commission, the Ministry has enabled the:

i. Developed the draft National Cohesion and Integration Policy.

The draft policy on National Cohesion and Integration seeks to address deep rooted causes of disintegration, conflicts, inequality, marginalization, discrimination and unpatriotic tendencies. Further, the policy is aimed at identifying and providing for the coordination and facilitation of strategies, programmes and activities geared towards a cohesive society. In the long term, the policy will establish strong glue between the government and the citizenry through the envisaged interactive implementation framework.

ii. Developed the National Values policy and legislative framework.

This policy on National Values and Principles of Governance supports transformational leadership; promotes a sense of common identity, better understanding, and social harmony and enhance national cohesion; and thereby lays a firm foundation for nationhood and sustainable development. It aims at re-engineering the Kenyan society. It provides for a framework which will enable the President to report in an address to the nation, and publish in the Gazette, on measures taken and progress achieved in the realization of the national values and principles of governance as required of him in the constitution.

iii. Developed the National Cohesion and Integration Training Manual.

The Training manual, which was launched on November 22nd 2011, is intended to broaden the number of players involved in the promotion of national cohesion. Many stakeholders will now be able to meaningfully engage in the promotion of cohesion with the aid of the manual. It will also be possible now, to ensure that quality and targeted efforts are made by all the players. This will translate into effective and efficient use of available resources. The manual also offers in the long run an opportunity for coordination of the activities of all the stakeholders involved in the promotion of national cohesion.

iv. Sensitized the Kenyan Public on matters of National Cohesion and Integration.

The strategic objective of the Ministry is to promote national cohesion and reconciliation. The Ministry, through the Department of National Cohesion, in partnership with various sectors, has conducted various sensitizations forums with members of the public with the aim of promoting National Cohesion and Integration.

v. Developed a national platform on reconciliation as the country nears the 2012 national general elections.

The Government of Kenya will hold a national conference on peaceful elections in February 2012. This is a follow up to His Excellency the President’s pronouncement on Mashujaa day (20th October, 2011) that it was necessary for the nation to hold a conference on peaceful elections. The proposed national conference will be preceded by 47 county forums for peaceful elections that will run concurrently as a build up to the national conference. The primary purpose of the conference both at national and county levels is to promote peaceful elections, not as an end in themselves but as a means of promoting national healing, social cohesion and reconciliation. The conference will foster a smooth, peaceful and efficient transition into the new constitutional dispensation.

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