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The GIZ Social Justice, Reconciliation and National Cohesion programme has been a partner of NCIC since its inception, providing technical support to organisational development and the NCIC enforcement and promotion mandate aimed at furthering a cohesive and stable Kenyan society. Specific support initiatives include:

NCIC Organisational development:

i. Capacity building in setting foundations for NCIC Vision, Mission and Strategy development

ii. Developing NCIC administration policies and procedures aligned to the Strategy

iii. Staff capacity development aligned to NCIC Vision, Mission and Strategy

iv. Strengthening NCIC’s accessibility, visibility and communication to the public through website development and maintenance

v. Assessment of the legal and institutional framework under the Constitution 2010

NCIC Enforcement mandate:

Strengthening NCIC’s handling of hate speech prohibition and complaints of discrimination on the basis of ethnicity through: i. Capacity development for the strengthening of NCIC enforcement mandate by a Technical Advisor

ii. Strengthening capacities for investigating and processing cases of hate speech

iii. Training selected judges, magistrates and prosecutors on hate speech prohibition

iv. Developing a training manual on hate speech enforcement

v. Training of law enforcement officers on hate speech prohibition and enforcement

 vi. Increasing multi- actor collaboration to improve hate speech enforcement (including other state institutions, media actors etc)

vii. Creating and setting up the Integrated Complaint Information Management system

 viii. Training of core NCIC staff on utilization and process

 ix. Supporting the development of an integrated complaints referral mechanism with different institutions

NCIC Promotion mandate:

i. Enhancing outreach through TV documentary on Kenya’s constitutional making journey and TV and Radio peace messages during and after the constitutional referendum of 2010

ii. Promoting national cohesion and integration via regional town-hall meetings as TV show “Road to Cohesion” themed “From tribalism to Kenyanism”

iii. Promoting a national conversation with the youth on Ethnicity, Race and Nationhood through the NCIC Essay Competition 2011

iv. Engaging youth in national cohesion through sports and a series of “Shujaaz” comics

v. Developing IEC material on NCIC vision, mission and strategy

vi. Supporting NCIC and MoJNCCA collaboration on the National Cohesion and Integration Policy (technical advice for the development and support to the public consultation process)

vii. Supporting NCIC and MoJNCCA collaboration on the development of a training manual

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