NCIC Proposes Stiffer Penalties on County Governments


The National Cohesion and Integration (NCIC) wants some sections of the County Government Act amended to allow the imposition of hefty penalties on Governors and Chairpersons of County Public Service Boards who fail to meet the ethnic balance requirements in the hiring of county staff.

Speaking to the media during a sensitization forum for County Public Service Board members drawn from 14 counties, NCIC Commissioner Dr Roba Sharamo said that the Governors must be held accountable in the recruitment of county staff. “If a Governor violates the law and uses public funds to enrich certain segments of the population, he or she should be liable for to a penalty of up to Sh. 10 million,” he said.

The Act provides that 70 per cent of the employees can come from the dominant ethnic group in a county, while 30 per cent must be selected from the minority communities. He noted that despite the clear provisions of the law, some counties still violate the law. He gave an example of Kirinyaga County with 97.3 per cent of employees drawn from the Kikuyu community.

“Why are some counties complying while others are not? This is despite having the same dynamics of governance. Moving forward, we will be doing sensitizations to all counties and then move to the level of enforcement focusing on compliance with the relevant statutes,” he said.  “We will also be doing public hearings and holding summonses to non-compliant counties, parastatals and universities. Diversity is a strength- countries that are more diverse tend to be more prosperous. Similarly, our institutions should take advantage of diversity to promote peace and development.” 

Dr Sharamo also noted that there were complaints received from the counties, parastatals and public universities concerning bias during recruitment. He referred to them as a threat to national cohesion

The forum held on 6th December 2017 was organized by the commission with the aim of sensitizing members of public service boards on the 2016 county ethnic and diversity data, and providing a platform for sharing experiences and challenges to recruitment in counties, as well as building partnerships with County Public Service Boards.




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