Put Aside Political Differences ~NCIC urges


The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) urges Kenyans to embrace national healing following the highly contested 2017 elections. The elections lead to deep political and ethnic polarization across the country. 

Speaking in Isiolo Town, NCIC Commissioner Hon. Morris Dzoro regretted that the elections had divided the country along tribal and political lines. He called upon the religious leaders, media, local leaders and politicians to spearhead reconciliation and integration among various communities across the country.

The inter-religious forum held on 29th November 2017 aimed at fostering post-election healing, reconciliation and integration among residents of Isiolo County. The commission rolled out similar forums in areas affected negatively across the country.

He asked politicians and Kenyans at large to stop engaging in politics and focus on building the country. “Politicians should be careful on the advice they get from their lawyers. Some of them incite the politicians so that they can represent them in court and get money,” he said. He urged aggrieved parties to utilize the available constitutional means to resolve their differences.

He asked the religious leaders, women and youth to join in the fight against cases of radicalization, banditry and cattle rustling that have been rampant in the region by relaying information to respective authorities for arrest and prosecution of suspects.




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