Reject Hate Mongers- urges NCIC

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) urges Kenyans to reject hate mongers instead of cheering up for them. While speaking during a peace forum held at the Pan Africa Christian (PAC) University, the Commission’s Chairperson, Hon. Francis Ole Kaparo registered his disappointment with the manner in which Kenyans treat the war against hate speech.

He noted that it was astonishing that a section of the population praises the hate mongers. “It is frightening the speed at which the Kenyan society is being sullied from issue based politics to insults by politicians,” said Hon. Kaparo.

He said that the public are the drivers of incitement and hate speech in the country, a situation that needs to change. “The Kenyan people must search their souls and find out whether they need a careless society, with irresponsible leaders,” he said. “We have a sick society. The amount of insults, threats, vulgar language that is spewed every minute on social media is mind boggling. This must change.”

Hon. Kaparo emphasized that for the war against hate speech to be won, Kenya needed national healing to necessitate a change of mind; change of heart; and change of manners. He urged Kenyans to engage political leaders on development issues rather than spreading hate among communities.

The forum held on 11th October 2017, brought together members of the faculty, administration and students of the Pan Africa Christian University, as well as other local peace actors.




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