Current Political Standoff Erodes the Gains of Cohesion- says NCIC

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) notes with great concern the consequences of the ongoing political contestations on the pending repeat Presidential polls. This is characterized by increasing levels of ethnic and political polarization, loss of human lives, and wanton destruction of property during the anti-IEBC demonstrations.

While speaking to the media during a press conference held on 19th October 2017 at the Commissions’ offices in Upper Hill, the Chairperson Hon. Francis Ole Kaparo condemned the political class for leading the country into its current polarized state. “We have noted that the sense of optimism for the Kenyan people is currently undergoing a serious test like never before. Political polarization and the competitive nature of electoral politics are deeply dividing the Kenyan Nation,” said Hon. Kaparo.

He also noted with deep concern, the increasing sense of anxiety, mistrust and ethnic intolerance. These threaten to erode the gains made in building a cohesive Kenyan Nation. “Tensions are rife in some parts of the country, setting Kenyans into a constant mode of fear, thus, crippling the economy of Kenya,” he said.

He urged the political class to put the interest of the country first and embrace dialogue. The Chairperson implored upon the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to support the peace processes by discharging its mandate in a free and fair environment to all. “IEBC must recognize that there is a direct correlation between conduct of free, fair and credible elections and peace in this country. IEBC must get its house in order and deliver on the mandate as per the Constitution and expectations of the people of Kenya,” said Hon. Kaparo. He, however, encouraged all stakeholders to give IEBC the necessary support to enable them deliver on their mandate.

Nevertheless, the Chairperson called upon all Kenyans to remain tolerant to divergent opinion, cultivate the culture of non-violence, and respect for the rule of law. He said, “It befits us as Kenyans to jealously guard the peace and stability that we have cultivated in the last few years. A polarized Kenya is a road for endless mistrust, hostility and economic retrogression. That is the road we must not travel.”




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