Embrace inclusivity in County appointments ~ Urges NCIC

“You must follow the law in restructuring of the County Public Service.” This was a stern warning to the Governors by the NCIC Chairperson Hon. Francis Ole Kaparo. “The restructuring must be in line with Section 65 of the County Government Act, 2012 which requires that at least 30% of the vacant positions at the entry level in the County Public Service are filled by candidates who are not from the dominant ethnic community in the county,” he added. Hon. Kaparo was speaking during a press conference held on 25th August, 2017 at the NCIC Offices in Upper Hill.

He reiterated that Sections Three and Four of the National Cohesion and Integration Act, 2008 had outlawed ethnic discrimination of any form. Furthermore, Section Seven of the same Act requires all public establishments to represent diversity of the people of Kenya in employment of staff.

He condemned any kind of victimization and discrimination on the basis of political alignments and arbitrary condemnation of public officer’s already serving.

Hon. Kaparo, however expressed satisfaction with the peaceful transition in many counties where swearing in of new Governors had taken place. He called on all Kenyans to uphold peace and work together towards achieving a more cohesive, integrated and harmonious society.

On a separate note, the Chairperson warned the politicians from intimidating the Supreme Court and allow the Court to conclude the matter at hand. He urged Kenyans to remain calm during the process and accept the Court’s verdict.




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