NCIC Urges Tolerance, Openness and Sobriety

The NCIC has called for openness, sobriety and tolerance in addressing the dispute pitting the government and the opposition over the IEBC.

Speaking during a press briefing held on 24th May 2016 at the Commission’s Offices, the NCIC Chairperson, Hon. Francis Ole Kaparo appealed to the politicians and their supporters to shun violence and explore alternative means to resolve the issues at hand. “We are appealing to the political elites and their supporters to reject violence and explore alternative means of resolving the grievances at hand,” said Hon. Kaparo.

Kaparo also condemned the security forces for using excessive force during the demonstrations. He called upon them to respect the human rights of speech, assembly and political participation as envisaged in the Kenyan Constitution. He urged the government to investigate and hold accountable those responsible for vandalism and looting as well as security officers found culpable of causing injury and taking human life irresponsibly.


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