The NCIC brings an end to the Kisumu-Nandi border conflicts.

On 13th January 2016, the NCIC’s Chairperson Hon. Francis Ole Kaparo led a delegation to conduct peace and reconciliation forums in Kibigori and Nandi areas in a bid to end ethnic clashes along the Nandi-Kisumu border. The clashes that claimed ten lives had allegedly been triggered by border conflicts and theft of livestock from Kisumu; which residents claimed were driven to Nandi. In a peace meeting attended by among other leaders; clan elders, the Kisumu County Commissioner Mr. John Elungata, Kisumu County Governor, Hon Jack Ranguma and local area members of Parliament, Kibigori residents confirmed that laxity by the police in apprehending cattle thieves, and boundary disputes were the sole causes of the clashes. Binding peace resolutions were made; and the cattle rustlers identified for prosecution. Other peace barazas were later held both in Muhoroni and Nandi to reach out to other community members.

NCIC's Chairperson Hon Francis Ole Kaparo while speaking at a reconciliation forum in Kibigori market, Nandi County."



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