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Goodwill ambassadors for cohesion integration and peaceful coexistence






Pursuant to its mandate, the NCIC has nominated distinguished Kenyans of integrity to serve as Cohesion and Integration Goodwill Ambassadors for Kenya. In nominating the Goodwill Ambassadors, the Commission exercised its power as enshrined under Section 26 (1), (c) which states that the Commission may enter into association with such other bodies or organizations within or outside Kenya as it may consider desirable or appropriate and in furtherance of the purpose for which the Commission is established; and Section 31 (1) that states “The Commission may, by resolution either generally or in any particular case, delegate to any committee of the Commission or to any member, officer, employee or agent of the Commission, the exercise of any of the powers or the performance of any of the functions or duties of the Commission under this Act.

Role of the NCIC Goodwill Ambassadors

NCIC Goodwill Ambassadors will complement the role of the Commission to promote cohesion, integration and peaceful coexistence as well as inspire broad, positive and committed action in support of Commission's mandate and priorities as provided for under  Sections 25 (2) (c), (e), (g), and (n) of the National Cohesion and Integration Act of 2008 as follows:

25(2)   (c)         promote tolerance, understanding and acceptance of diversity in all aspects of national life and encourage full participation by all ethnic communities in the social, economic, cultural and political life of other communities;

(e)        Promote respect for religious, cultural, linguistic and other forms of diversity in a plural society;

g)         Promote arbitration, conciliation, mediation and similar forms of dispute resolution mechanisms in order to secure and enhance ethnic and racial harmony and peace;

(n)        Lobby and advocate for policy, legal or administrative reforms on   issues affecting ethnic relations;

 Selection Criteria
NCIC Goodwill Ambassadors shall:

    1. Be       persons of integrity and have demonstrated a strong desire to enhance,       understanding, appreciation and support on  cohesion, integration and peaceful       coexistence as a well ability  to       reach out to significant audiences, including top decision makers;
    2. Possess       widely recognized talent in the sectors that include academia,       entertainment, business, religion, sports or other fields of public life.
    3.  Exemplified or enhanced cohesion,       integration and peaceful coexistence in his /her work and life.
    4. Have       not actively engaged in politics and have no desire to run for a       political office.
    5. Possess       the personality and dignity required for such high-level representative       capacity;
    6. Be       influential beyond their ethnic group/community; thus having the ability       to promote the object and values of the NCIC nationally and internationally;
    7. Be       knowledgeable about NCIC’s goals and activities and be able to articulate       them.

Selection and Nomination Process

  1. The      Chairperson of the National Cohesion and Integration Commission will appoint      Goodwill Ambassadors after the approval by the Commissioners via full      Commission meeting. A letter of nomination shall officially be issued      by the Chairperson of Commission.
  2. NCIC      Commissioners and Staff members do not qualify to be nominated as Goodwill      Ambassadors.
  3. The      nominees will serve for not more than 3 years in order to maintain the      value attached to the nomination and to further ensure substance and      reciprocity in the engagement.
  4. The NCIC      is responsible for establishing specific terms of reference for individual      Goodwill Ambassadors. 

Ethical Code of Conduct

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) Goodwill Ambassadors’ Code of Conduct provides an ethical framework for the decisions, actions and behaviours of those nominated as Goodwill Ambassadors. These include:  

    • Respect       the impartiality and independence of NCIC and to refrain from any conduct       that would adversely reflect the Commission;
    • Refrain       from any activity incompatible with the purposes and principles of NCIC;
    • Exercise       good judgment and discretion in all matters relating to the performance       of their functions for NCIC;
    • Obtain       guidance on their specific activities from the Chairperson of NCIC and/or       the any person assigned to liaise with them.

Terms of Service

  1. NCIC      Goodwill Ambassadors shall be nominated for a period of three years, renewable,      based on mutual agreement by the Commission and the individual nominee.      
  2. NCIC      Goodwill Ambassadors are volunteers facilitated by the Commission to      enhance cohesion and integration in the country and therefore; they shall      not be paid any salary.

Communication and Information

  1. NCIC      shall ensure that the special skills, experience and talents of all nominees      are well utilized for the benefit of the NCIC, and that nominees are      provided with regular and appropriate guidance on their activities on      behalf of the Commission. 
  2. NCIC      shall facilitate communication regarding the involvement of Goodwill      Ambassadors in appropriate field-level activities and events. 
  3. NCIC      shall maintain an updated list of NCIC Goodwill Ambassadors and shall      ensure that all changes in the status of nominee are communicated in a      timely way.


  1. The nominee      of the NCIC Goodwill Ambassador shall be terminated if, in the view of NCIC,      the nominee is unable or unwilling to carry out the role envisaged in the      terms of reference; if the Goodwill Ambassador engages in any activity      incompatible with his/her status or with the object, values and principles      of NCIC; or if the termination is in the interest of the NCIC.

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