Samburu and Laikipia Counties: Community Cohesion Forums

Samburu and Laikipia counties have been marred, over the years, with series of banditry attacks and recurrent incidences of insecurity. The conflicts have left scars of disunity among the various communities living in the region. The recent unfortunate massacre of at least 30 security officers in Samburu was a wakeup call to all stakeholders of peace and security in Kenya.

The incident reignited the need to address the triggers to violence and insecurity in the two counties. As part of the initial interventions to peace-building, the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC), being a major stakeholder in the field of peace and security in Kenya, conducted two community cohesion forums targeting women, and youth leaders from Samburu and Laikipia counties. The forums were aimed at providing a platform for reconciliation and building a pillar for peaceful coexistence among the communities living in the two counties.

The activities were held from 11th to 15th September 2017. In attendance were, among others, elected political leaders, community leaders, security officials and NCIC Commissioners, led by the Vice-Chairperson Commissioner Irene Wanyoike and Dr. Joseph Nasongo.  




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