Launch of National Boda-Boda Safety and Peace Initiative

The Boda-Boda sector in Kenya is commonly associated with crime, violence and rowdiness. However, the script is changing with the formation of a National Boda Boda Safety Association with a mandate to regulate conduct of the members. As part of their initiatives, the association laid elaborate plans to engage their membership to participate in various peace building activities across the country. To support the activities, the Commission on 20th January 2017 hosted 60 chairpersons of Boda-Boda stages in Nairobi County and the national and regional officials at the Silver Springs Hotel, Nairobi. The summit was organised to deliberate on safety, security, peace and tranquillity in the Boda Boda industry.

 Speaking at the Summit, Commissioner Belinda Ochiel encouraged the Boda Boda operators to take advantage of their potential in numbers to promote peace in Kenya. “You the boda boda operators have the best chance to make a change in the country, you are young, energetic, with wide networks in every part of the country. You can use your numerical advantage to positively influence peace processes in Kenya,” said Commissioner Belinda. She urged them to be careful not to be used as instruments of violence by politicians. She later guided the members present into signing a Peace and Accountability Charter as a commitment to promoting peaceful coexistence in Kenya.

Other institutions that participated include National Police Service, National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), Handicap International, Kenya Urban Roads Authority, department of Youth and the Ministry of Transport.




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