The Amani clubs…thus far we have come

Youth play a cognisant role in nation building and have the greatest potential in eliminating ethnic discrimination that continues to undermine cohesion and integration. As a frontline initiative aimed at enhancing appreciation of diversity among young people in schools and other institutions of higher learning, the Commission has supported establishment of Amani (Peace) Clubs. So far, a total of 12 counties have been reached.  


To ascertain the progress achieved towards the establishment and operationalisation of the Clubs, the Commission conducted monitoring and evaluation exercises in Kwale, Kisumu and Kitui Counties in the month of June 2016.  NCIC team together with Amani Club Coordinators and the District Quality Assurance and Standards Officers, visited several primary and secondary schools to interview the club members, patrons, Principals and members of the communities living around the schools.


The teams observed and documented various activities carried out by Amani clubs, and some of these key activities included, construction of talking walls/trees with peace messages, establishment of peace gardens and holding regular peace debates, music and drama festivals. To make contributions to the communities, some of the club members participated in various community outreach activities such as tree planting, repair of access roads and cleaning of market places. It was established that the clubs were not only making significant contributions to peace building among the students, but also to the communities around the institutions.



Location Map