The NCIC Peace Charter, a Call For Commitment

The NCIC Peace Charter, a Call For Commitment

“You must be role models in peace building by mentoring your peers to embracing a united Kenyan Spirit. By volunteering to sign the Peace Charter, you are heeding to the call for commitment, accountability and patriotism in to uphold peace in the run up to the 2017 General Elections and beyond,” says the NCIC Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Hassan Mohammed.

Mr. Hassan was speaking on 6th May 2016 at the Multimedia University, during the launching of the Peace Charter at the National Youth Summit, hosted by NCIC with the aim of harnessing youth participation in informing policy and local engagement on peace and security in Kenya. The youth in Kenya are often used as instruments for propagating inter-ethnic or electoral violence. 

Mr. Hassan conceded that the Charter in itself did not provide all the answers, but said it was an instrument that points in a direction that will take this country out of the current morass.

Also present at the event was NCIC Commissioner Belinda Ochiel who said the Charter's success would depend on dedication "and ultimately the concrete actions taken by all the youth to it, to interpret and implement it to its fullest noble intention."

She hailed the commitment of the youth to walk alongside the NCIC on the path towards building a peaceful and cohesive society and urged them to shun incitements by politicians. She said "a heavy burden" of responsibility falls on the youth of this country to ensure that Kenya is peaceful, stable and prosperous.

She reiterated NCIC’s commitment to partnering with the youth in responding to the challenges of peace, development and security.

"We believe that only comprehensive partnerships will enable us build sustainable peace for this country.”

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