Cattle rustling or political incitement?

For a considerable period, there have been tribal conflicts among the residents living along the Meru-Isiolo border. On 27th January 2016, the NCIC Chairperson Hon. Francis Ole Kaparo led a team of NCIC officers and  a host of leaders from the two warring communities with a view to establish the major causes of the conflict. It was reported that the conflicts were as a result of cattle rustling and not political incitements as people had claimed. The Chairperson noted that the Meru and Borana people were responsible for the conflict. . “Stop blaming the politicians, offenders must feel the weight of the law to deter those who want to take the law into their hands,” he said. In the efforts to foster a lasting peace, Mr. Kaparo urged the public to use communication to help solve the underlying conflict.

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