Goals and Objectives ( Full )

Goals & Objectives

Overall Objectives

To encourage National Cohesion and Integration by outlawing,

1. Discrimination on ethnic grounds;

2. Discrimination by way of victimization;

3. Discrimination in employment;

4. Discrimination in membership of organizations;

5. Discrimination in access to and distribution of public resources;

6. Discrimination in property ownership management and disposal;

7. Discrimination by other agencies;

8. Harassment on the basis of ethnicity;

9. Hate speech

Other Objectives of the Commission

i. Facilitate and promote equal opportunity, good relations, harmony and peaceful co-existence of persons of different ethnic and racial communities and advice the Government on all matters thereof.

ii. Elimination of all forms of ethnic or racial discrimination and discourage persons, institutions, political parties and associations from advocating or promoting discrimination.

iii. Enhance tolerance, understanding and acceptance of diversity in all aspects of national life.

iv. Promote respect for religious cultural and linguistic diversity in a plural society.

v. Promote arbitration, conciliation, mediation and similar forms of conflict resolution mechanisms.

vi. Investigate complaints of discrimination and make recommendations to the Attorney General, Human Rights Commission or other authority on remedial measures to be taken where such complaints are valid.

vii. Investigate on its own accord or on request from any institution, office, or person any issue affecting ethnic and racial relations.

viii. Initiate, lobby for and advocate for policy, legal or administrative reforms on issues affecting ethnic relations.

ix. Undertake research and studies and make recommendations to the Government on any issue relating to ethnic affairs including whether ethnic relations are improving.

x. Make recommendations on penalties to be imposed on any person for any breach of the provisions of the Constitution or of any law dealing with ethnicity.

xi. Monitor and report to the National Assembly the status and success of implementation of its recommendations.

xii. Determine strategies and priorities in all socio-economic, political and development policies of the government impacting on ethnic relations and advise on their implementation.


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